Joseph, 2/17/16

Joseph 2-17-16We want to congratulate Joseph today for working hard to end his homeless situation. Behind the scenes at Off The Streets we sometimes have to deal with clients who get upset with us for not providing the specific kind of help they need or they want to debate us on our process or steps that we ask them to take. This was NOT the case with with Joseph. He was a pleasure to work with! He followed our process and took every action we asked of him. And because of his cooperation and willingness to work with us, we were able to help him get off the street and into his own rental within days of his initial call! Here’s his story in his own words:

“To whom it may concern:
For the past month or so I have been sleeping from friend to friend house, cars, motels and various other places. I was living with a friend that abruptly moved and I had to move immediately, and I was placed in a situation that I had no control over. I didn’t have any place to go and had to spend first night in a motel until I didn’t have any more money, then I had to sleep in a friend’s car for another night or two, I then could not use that anymore and started sleeping at friend’s house and other people homes. Things were starting to get very uncomfortable for me. Most of my friends and family have their own families and I didn’t want to impose on anyone anymore, so I started sleeping in cars and motels again. Still I went to work and in the meantime I stop at friend’s house to shower when it was necessary. I would really appreciate any assistance from the off the streets program.
Thank you for your consideration,

Congratulations Joseph. We wish you the VERY best in your new home and THANK YOU for working so cooperatively with us!


Joseph is the 184th individual we’ve helped escape homelessness.

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