Janette and her 2 boys, 5/6/17

Janette - Housing For The Homeless - Off The Streets Huntington BeachJoin us in congratulating Janette & her 2 boys for getting into their own rental today. They became homeless in January due to an interruption in their income but are now back on their feet. Read her story below:

Hi my name is Janette I’m 41 year old single mom of two great son’s, ages  19 and 8. I’ve had a bit of a struggle the last few years but I November 2016 is when I started having a problem paying my rent due to my son’s SSI stopping. Now I lost my husband in 09′ he passed and since then I’ve had a rough time but my son was receiving survivor benefits and he also has a learning disability in which he also receives benefits monthly for himself. He is a great kid despite all the hard situations he had to deal with as a kid , losing his father especially, but he’s always been a good student and he graduated high school in June 2016 and it was a very happy day for us. He is enrolled in a program called CaPromise which assists him with job searching and schooling needs, he is also enrolled with the Department of Rehabilitation which is a great help also. His SSI should not have been stopped due to him being enrolled in these 2 programs, it was over looked and our benefits were discontinued. After appealing and numerous appointments we are now waiting on his benefits to begin again which could be a while, so due the them stopping the SSI I had to move out of my old townhome and strangely as soon as I did that I received paperwork from the housing authority and I was excited. It’s been hard finding a place but I finally did, I work part time at Tuesday morning in and have my little son who is in the 3rd grade. We need a little help with our move in costs because I didn’t think we would still be waiting on the SSI to pay my son. I have been staying wherever I can cousin’s friend’s and motels when I have extra money, which isn’t too often. At the moment a good friend of mine mom is letting us stay with her till my move in date. Housing authority had a program that was suppose to help with my move in deposit but for some reason they tell me they aren’t doing that anymore. I know there are a lot of families in need but I just really need this help to get myself and my boys into a safe home. We will be directly living across from the college where my son wants to take his art classes, he’s a fantastic artist and I feel like me in this situation is putting his dreams on hold which really bothers me. So I appreciate any help I can get right now I’m not one to ask for help usually so this has been very difficult for me. I’m anxious to hear from you and hoping you will be able to assist me. Thank you very much Janette

This family brings our placements this year to 66 and our grand total to 376 since we started in 2014.

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