Estefani annd her 2 boys, 10/19/17

Today we congratulate Estefani and her 2 young boys for getting into their own rental today. She is a working mother and has been living place to place after they had to leave their last place. They have been sleeping on the floors and couches trying to keep a roof over their head. Based on the budget we built with her she can afford rent but didn’t have the savings to be able to move into her own rental. As such we were happy to pay their security deposit. Read their story below:

This is my story, I Estefani moved to Riverside County, California May 18, 2016 with my two boys at the time of moving. We decided to relocate for change and a peace of mind. After experience the lost of my baby brother whom was murdered innocently two days after his (19th birthday) it was a hard experience to go through. My extended family from California had reached out to my family and suggested to come down. My aunt was coming home from being incarcerated for over 10 years, we thought that would be a great time to caught up and bond and being a helping hand to one another. Such as; while I went to work she would be able to be a child care provider for my boys. And I would help with expenses with the house, by going to work. Unfortunately things did not work out as planned. My aunt decided to get back into her old ways which caused her to go to prison the first time, going back to behaviors and activities that caused the home my boys and I were in to be unsafe. In time my aunt kicked us out and we had no place of our own to call home, leaving us homeless. In the process I lost my job and lived with friends and other extended family members rotating from home to home, sleeping on floors and couches. Through it all my boys gave me the strength to get through such hardship, along with staying with a hopeful heart. I then continued looking for work, and was able to find full time employment. With working and staying focused I was blessed to find a home for me children and I and with the help of OFF THE STREETS lending a hand I was able to afford my rental fees. My boys and I finally have a place to call home. Thank you OFF THE STREETS for being here, for those in need giving that hope to continue the fight in life.

This family brings our total placements this year to 168 and our grand total since we started just over 3 years ago to 478. Read about our Campaign To House 1000 Homeless By 2020

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