Cortez and Shaunte, 11/18/16

cortez-and-shaunte-11-18-16We were happy to help Cortez and Shaunte with their security deposit so they could get into their own apartment today and get out of their homeless situation that they’ve been in since August. They were both great to work with and followed our process with so much cooperation. In fact, their first apartment fell through but they persevered and got another one that fit the budget we built with them. They both have jobs and just needed a little assistance to get into their own apartment. Read their story below:

I Cortez & my wife Shaunte are currently homeless. We arrived here in Orange County from Rockford Illinois on August 1st. Prior to leaving Illinois both of our families promised to assist until we were able to get on our feet and rent an apartment. Once we arrived here, those promises were truly neglected. Me and my wife were forced to live in the car that we once possessed. From there we were able to get some aid and rent a motel for a few nights. We are still homeless. Shaunte was transferred here but it did not offer relocation assistance. Safety and a good night’s rest are all that we are thriving for. At 27 years of age, we have never had to deal with the current trials but God has kept us safe. During our stay at an array of motels, the rooms were roach infested, disorderly neighbors, and lacked basic essentials to have a comfortable stay. Both my wife and I are praying for a new path so that we are able to start our lives over. Our current situation has been a true test of resilience, but we are hoping & praying that this is our new beginning. Thanking everyone in advance.

Best wishes to you Cortez and Shaunte! From all of us at OTS.


This couple brings our total placements this year to 116 and our grand total since 293.

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