Cindi, 1/27/15

1-20 PICTURE2 jobs and homeless — but not anymore!

Meet Cindi, the 56th person we’ve placed. Desperate to get out of an abusive situation but not having enough money to rent a room, Cindi lived on the streets. Even though she worked 2 minimum wage jobs, she did not have enough money to pay for rent and the security deposit. Most of her money was spent on the day she received her paycheck to pay for a hotel room to get off the street for awhile. But when her money ran out, she was back on the streets and this became her pattern. Then she came across our website and gave us a call. Our financial counselor worked on a budget for her and determined she did earn enough money to afford a rented room. Cindi found a room in her price range and we were able to help her move in by paying her landlord the security deposit. We were also able to furnish her room with a nice full-size bed with drawers and a bookshelf. We are happy to know that Cindi is now off the streets and in a room of her own!

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