Brianna, Michael, and their son, 1/26/17

Brianna - Housing The Homeless - Off The Streets Huntington BeachToday we congratulate Brianna, Michael and their son for getting into their first apartment today. We built a budget with them and they found a very affordable rental that fit within that budget. We were then able to pay their security deposit so they could move in.

My Husband and I have been without our own home on and off for a few years due employment and our son also was born 3 months premature and we also lost his twin. Our son has medical needs and expenses on weekly basis. We were renting a room for the last 4 months and unfortunately our soon to be 2 year old son and I were harassed by our ex landlord and so we had to leave. Since then we have been couch hopping to keep a roof over our heads. We got a call a few weeks ago from the apartment complex that we will now be moving into and so thanks to your wonderful organization we are able to rent our first apartment as a family and have a stable roof over our heads especially for our son.
Thank you OTSHB!

From all of us at OTSHB we congratulate you for getting into your own home!

This family brings our placements this year to 18 and our grand total to 328 since our startup in June of 2014.

Off the Streets – Huntington Beach

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