Barbara and her dog Sparky, 6/5/15

Barbars_in_aptBarabars-dogMeet Barbara, the 93rd person we’ve helped get into permanent housing, and her service dog Sparky. Barbara had a series of unfortunate events occur with her prior rentals including the closing of one and rent increases in another that she simply couldn’t afford. When she found herself truly homeless she gave us a call for help. With our rental deposit assistance and her housing voucher we were able to get her into her own rental again. And today Off the Streets was happy to deliver household items to Barbara who just got the keys to her new apartment! Furniture will be delivered in a couple of days. Thanks to everyone in the community for donating items that our clients need! You are making a big difference! We want to send a BIG Thank You to the wonderful donors of Off The Streets who have provided donations of furniture, housewares and funds so we could help our clients get a new start! We also want to thank our tireless founders, furniture pick-up crew, housewares coordination team and Smooth Sailings Moving Company, who all volunteer their time, vehicles, muscle and passion to Off The Streets – Huntington Beach! Helping people like Barbara get off the street and into a home of her own is what it’s all about.

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