Alice and her 4 kids, 6/6/17

Alice - Housing The Homeless - Off The Streets Huntington BeachToday we congratulate Alice and her 4 kids for ending 7 years of homelessness. From couch hopping, to living on the street, to living in shelters, this single mom and her kids have been through a lot. We built a budget with Alice and she was so happy to find a place she could afford, so we were happy to pay their security deposit so they could move in today. Alice told us today she needs everything – furniture and household goods – so we will soon be providing her all of that to give her a new start in life. To read a detailed account of the downward spiral of homelessness, read Alice’s story here:

Hello my name is Alice i’m a single mom raising 4 children three boys and a daughter. We have had a rough road these children have been through a lot, these last 7 years. The last 7 years we have been homeless. Only a few of my closest friends know about i lost my house in 2012. Since then we have moved around so many times. we ended up at a rescue mission among 100’s of other families that were homeless out there. My kids went to a homeless school for children who were homeless. It gave the children who felt alone and as an outcast as being homeless some hope & something to smile about again a promising future. But the shelter was only for a short time it was only a night shelter somewhere to have dinner at and get a nights of rest. Families there are thrown in together with mental illness everywhere. Their check in was 5 pm, you ate at 7pm then showered went to bed. We were there a few months and i desperately tried to get a job being a night time shelter and being homeless no child care was provided. and i was among strangers so i had to be with them all the time to protect them from strangers who were in the same situation we were.

The shelter had all who were staying there leaving at 5am in the morning not knowing where to go. We followed everyone, some stayed on the trolleys some stayed in the libraries, some went to the park, some of us parents stayed in packs , some of us tried to rent a storage unit so our children can get some more sleep. They were exhausted. Before we did that we carried our personal belongings up and down the streets always afraid of not knowing where our food would come from or our nights rest would be. My hungry kids saying there stomach was hurting i cried on the inside i was torn i couldn’t believe i was going through this with my children, the pain is unexplainable. it hurts so deep. we went to several other shelters they were filled up so quickly that we were on the sidewalk and hugging each other to stay warm i took my coat off to cover them.

A police officer from an outreach team asked us do we have a place to sleep i told him no so this outreach homeless team picked us up took us to a motel paid our bill for the night. i couldn’t thank him enough he saw my tears. my kids knocked out that night all nice and warm to look at your children going through this is heartbreaking i’m shattered in a million pieces i told that officer thank you so many times i know he knew my heart break going through this, while the kids were sleeping i was able to make phone calls got some resources applied all them got into another shelter called ywca they were amazing all my children really got attached to the staff there and started making new friends, once again but again this was a short stay couldn’t get into transitional housing the line was too long then before we were to leave there we tried to get into a shelter again the list was long everyday you show up asking if your number showed up..

It was pointless to make friends and what i didn’t realize was that everywhere we have lived we were always living in a cramped room kids got use to being in a room they forgot there was more to the houses and apartments we lived in they never came out they just stayed in there it’s all they wanted to do was stay in there, we got another invitation were a friend of mine i knew for over 30 plus years and his wife asked us to come live with them. they are a christian family.. all who are living in this house go to church i was so happy to hear that our lives started changing here in living with my friend and his family we have accomplished so much not only was our faith restored my family started to heal.

i found employment. i was able to fix my credit score pay off my debts. I still need the help with security deposit. anxiety is sitting in again because we haven’t been this close to getting into our new place for 7 years and with a signed rental lease, & keys almost in our hands a brand new beginning for us for something like this to happen was my worst nightmare i need help and i found off the streets from the 211 riverside they have been so much help. my job is wonderful they have called me non stop even though i only took those few days off it felt nice that people cared at work. i have some great friendships there my job is union job with great opportunities please help us close this chapters of a very long Journey to a brand new beginning thank you for all you have done for us. God Bless You

Alice & family


Alice and Family – from all of us at OTS-HB, we are so happy for you and wish you the very best!

This family brings our placement this year to 91 and our grand total since we started 3 years ago to 401.

Off the Streets – Huntington Beach

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