Rosalind and Hal, 7/9/15

Today we congratulate Rosalind and her husband Hal for getting out of homelessness and moving into a place of their own. Here’s their story in Rosalind’s own words.

3-28 PICTURE OF HER AND HUSBAND - EditedHello my name is Rosalind and we have been living in a motel. We have been staying in different motels since 2012. I have been trying to get an apartment since 2013 but due to an eviction in 2012 I have not been approved. We have been living at this motel now for over a year now and its time to move on. My husband Hal had triple bypass surgery in 2014 and he is not healing well because of where we are living. We are capable of paying rent but we need a little help with the security deposit. Please if you can help my family we would greatly appreciate it.Thank you so much!

Today we were able to give Rosalind and Hal the help they needed by paying their security deposit to their landlord today. We wish them the very best in their new home.


Rosalind and Hal bring the total number of homeless individuals we have helped to 105.

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