Robert, 11/15/17

Today we congratulate Robert for getting into his own place. After we built a budget with Robert, he was able to find a rental he could afford, so we helped him with the security deposit so he could move in. Read his story below

Hi, my current situation is I am currently homeless at times living in a motel, I pay weekly and at times I sleep behind buildings depending on the weather. I no longer have a car due to it kept breaking down and no longer could afford to fix it, so I lost my car. I have been homeless for 1 year because I was staying in an apartment and my friend needed a place to stay a few nights because he was working near my home. Within a few nights he became abusive and drinking. I asked him to get help. He committed suicide and this had me drinking a lot where I was not able to focus so when my lease was up I went into a AA program and moved in with one of my support groups as a roommate. The owner lost the property and I felt like here I go again. I had no one to turn too but I stayed sober due to the program. It was a time when I trusted no one. I was on the streets going to work and had no place to live. I leave work and cry because I have no place to call home. I have stayed in the worst motels and it is a scary situation. I am good guy who does not want another person to go thru the things I have experienced in a year me on the streets. I have now cleaned up my act and want a studio apartment to afford and save to get me a car. Honestly, when I get to into another apartment being homeless changes you forever. I constantly look for places and the down payment is high and I am not able to afford the down payment. I am hoping for your assistance so I can show others in my situation it only takes a person to speak out for HELP! Thank You, Robert

Robert is the 181th person we’ve helped get placed this year and the 491th person we’ve helped since we started OTS in 2014. Learn more about our Campaign To House 1000 Homeless By 2020.

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