Raven and 3 kids, 4/14/17

Raven - Housing For The Homeless - Off The Streets Huntington BeachToday we congratulate Raven and her 3 kids for getting into their own rental. After her kids’ father left, she was evicted from their house and they have been couch hopping for the last 5 months at a relative’s very small house, which isn’t big enough for her family of 4. In fact, some of them have had to sleep on the floor due to lack of space. Raven has a job and based on the budget we built with her she has enough to pay rent, but she just needed our help with the security deposit to get housed. Since this family is starting all over, we will also be providing them essential household good from our warehouse.

Raven, from all of us at OTSHB.COM we wish you the very best in your new home!

This family brings the total people we’ve placed this year to 55 and our grand total since we started 3 years ago to 365.

Off the Streets – Huntington Beach

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