Tammy and her 3 kids, 10/2/14

Tammycropped sept 30 2014 - EditedToday we placed Tammy and her 3 kids, making this family our 21st person placed.  Tammy was suddenly widowed which made things difficult enough but on top of that she has epilepsy and had to miss a lot of work which resulted in being unable to pay her rent. Unable to pay rent, they had to leave their home and live in their car. For 3 weeks Tammy and the 3 kids slept in their car.  On a few lucky nights they were able to sleep on the floor of a friend’s house. Through a referral service Tammy heard about Off The Streets-HB.  She gave us a call, and immediately went to work looking for an apartment that fit her budget that we built for her.  8 days later we are happy to announce that with the help of OTS paying the security deposit, Tammy and her children are able to get off the streets and move into their new home!

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