Nycole and her 6 kids, 10/28/17

Today we congratulate Nycole and her 6 kids for getting into their own home after being without a home for the last 8 months. After Nycole contacted us we built a budget with her and after she found a rental that fit this budget, we were happy to help her with the security deposit. We will soon be providing this family much needed furniture and household goods. Read Nycole’s story below:

Me and my 6 children became homeless in February of 2017. My landlord wanted to sell her property we were renting and we could not find a replacement because my income didn’t meet the requirement of three times the rent. We had to leave all our things behind. We lived in a hotel for a couple weeks while still searching. We ran out of money and went to the Path of life Community shelter. The conditions were not appropriate for the children. It was dangerous and unclean. We left and stayed in the hotel a couple more weeks before going back. We stayed in the hotel for about two weeks and then got a call we were accepted into the Path of Life Family shelter. I got asked to leave because I missed a couple nights due to being stranded too far without a working vehicle. We slept in a tent for a couple of days and then they let us back in. We stayed there until August 28th and left because another girl assaulted my daughter and she ended up in the hospital. They did not ask that family to leave as per the rule book so my daughter was too scared to go back in. The director had already notified me a week prior of my time being expired. You only get 90 days. We lived in our car for a week before they towed it because it was on the street unoperational for more than 72hrs. Then we slept in a tent for 4 days. My friend came and got us and we stayed with her for two weeks. Her landlord found out so we had to go. We stayed in the hotel for 2 more weeks and then moved to a friend’s house in Indio. Where we’ve been for a week now. We received a voucher from section 8 on July 3rd and began looking for a rental immediately. We found a rental in Moreno Valley in the beginning of August. We were supposed to move in on August 29th and she cancelled that day saying she had rented it the night before. I believe she just wanted the deposit. We continued to look and we have finally been blessed with being able to find a home for rent! We move in the end of October! We have lost everything thing we own and I just want to give the kids normalcy and stability. We’ve been through some much and they are such wonderful people I wish I could give them so much more. -Nycole.

This family brings our placements this year to 178 and our grand total since we started OTS in 2014 up to 488. Read more about Campaign To House 1000 Homeless By 2020

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