Michael and his daughter, 5/1/18

Today we congratulate Michael and his daughter for getting their own place after facing the prospect of homelessness. After we built a budget with MIchael and he found a rental that fit this budget we were happy to pay his security deposit so they could move in. Read their story below:

Dear OTS,
i was supposed to be out of my brothers house april 1 but since ur organization was gonna help me he let me stay one more month thats the only reason me and my daughter have been homeless living from house to house and renting motels for a year and a half 2 months after she was born i had to go thru custody and court many days and i couldnt pay the rent due to so many days off for court since then i have been raising my daughter by myself and struggling to get another place i havent been able to save enough money for a security deposit and im only asking for help with the deposit so i can provide a stable home for her shes 2 now and the living situation where i have been staying is very crowded we sleep on the living room floor as they have a full house and it was only temporary thats why im considered homeless or soon to be homeless. i need help because me and my daughter have been living on couches and in motels i work full time just cant save enough money to pay first months rent and also the security deposit at the same time i have full custody of my daughter shes 2 now and i have been struggling to get a place for us and its been really hard staying with other people and renting motels i just need this help so that i can provide a stable living situation for her i have never had any help before and if u decide to help us i promise to keep the apartment and will be forever grateful please i really need this for my daughter and its in hemet so i can shave 2 hours off my daily commute since my daycare is in hemet and also i will be saving on gas money. i just need this help to get started and i can pay the rent every month it is so hard being a single dad with a 2 year old and having to struggle so hard just for a place to stay when i work so hard everyday i feel like im not getting ahead we just need this apartment so that we will be stable and have a place to call home my daughter really deserves this and it would help us so much i really hope and pray that you will be able to help us with this and i promise to be a succes story for your organisation please help us.

This family brings our placements this year to 63 and our grand total since we started OTS in 2014 up to 573. Read more about our mission of housing the homeless at OTSHB.COM.

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