Jon, Jackie and their 2 kids, 12/3/16

jon-jackie-and-2-kids-12-3-16-editedWe congratulate Jon, Jackie and their 2 kids today for ending their homeless situation. Jon was so proactive and great to work with — he is a father who earnestly wants to make things better for his family! We were happy to build a budget with them and then help with their security deposit so they could move into their own apartment today: Read their story below:

Dear OTS,
Our story started back in March 2016 when my wife Jackie started working. Jackie was on disability for along time due to medical conditions. Her doctors said it was time to return to work so she accepted temp work to have something. I have been a caretaker for our son for two years. In May Jackie’s disability insurance benefits stopped completely. This was due to her income going over the maximum allowed for disability. Jackie has also had a sec 8 voucher for 15 years. Our problem started when the disability payments stopped. During that time our apartment owner decided not to accept sec 8 vouchers for rent payments. We tried desperately to locate a place and applied for several locations with no luck. On June 30th we left our apartment leaving behind our furniture, refrigerator, beds and tv just packing up our personal belongings and putting them in storage. Fortunately, my mother in law said we could stay with her. Since Jackie and my daughter were working in Orange County Jackie’s cousin said they could stay with her in Anaheim. Our family became split up and I’ve had our son at my Mother in Laws apartment. Through all of this stress my wife Jackie became very sick and on August 12th, her boss at work called the paramedics because Jackie couldn’t breath on her own. She was taken to the emergency room where she was diagnosed with an acute attack of asthma, pneumonia and infection. She stayed in ICU for 4 weeks on a ventilator then was transferred to another hospital. She has since then really received great care and rehab. As of yesterday her trachea tube was taken out and she continues to recover. Since she was in ICU, I was able to extend our sec 8 voucher to find an apartment. Several trips to Social Services were made and I was able to get some cash aid. Our daughter found your website early on and I set it aside in my head. Also, I was able to get on the Welfare to Work program and take advantage of all services offered by the state. I just finished testing to determine my skills and I scored pretty high. I have an appointment with my case Manager to move forward in job interviewing and placement soon. Also, since all of this I’ve taken our son to be tested for Autism and his results are moderate. Our daughter is a full time student in college. We’re in great need to start a new life together as a family again. I want the kids to have a large room and me and my wife to have a smaller room. I have found an apartment and I want to move forward with your help in the deposit, furniture and beds for us. I truly believe that this situation won’t ever happen again to my family because I realize the value of planning ahead for emergencies. The work you do for people in need is tremendous and to get back in life’s basic necessities is greatly appreciated.
Sincerely, Jon

From all of us at OTS, we congratulate you for getting into your own apartment today.

This family brings our total placements this year to 125 people and the grand total since we started just over 2 years ago to 302 people.

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