Jessicah and her 6 kids, 7/14/17

Today we congratulate Jessicah and her 6 kids not only for getting into their own home but also for reuniting after her kids have been in foster care due to Jessicah’s homelessness the last 2 months. Read their full story below:

My story. Two years ago I decided to go back to college. I just recently finished at Victor Valley college. I decided earlier this year I wanted to transfer to UC Riverside. I was in a housing program in Victorville that transferred to section 8 in Riverside. To begin the transfer process I had to put in a notice to vacate. I was told by the housing authority to not worry. I could always request more time. The unit was inspected even though I was planning on moving. The damages my children and I did, I fixed. Such as small holes in the wall, stopped up toilets, and the front door was broken. The owner was suppose to add a carbon monoxide detector, fix the backyard gate, and the peeling wallpaper. He refused because I was moving and he wanted to use my deposit for the repairs. Since he would not do the repairs the housing authority stopped payment and I was told to move. I had to stay in the area so I could finish college. I tried to get the owner to let me stay and just pay my portion of the rent. He lied and said he had a new tenant lines up.(The place is still empty now). We have been homeless since May 2nd. The first 16 days we received hotel vouchers. After that I spent my savings of of $2,000 to stay in a room with my children and to keep my truck running. Upon coming to Riverside to look for housing I got into some trouble and my children are now in foster care due to my homelessness. I have been staying in my truck. My 1 year old has been hospitalized for a week because she was so depressed she would not eat. The judge authorized my children to be released to upon finding suitable housing. And here I am now asking you guys for help. My children need me and I need them. I’m only trying to better myself and it seems like everyone is against me. Like it was a mistake to pursue a higher education. Like I should have just accepted living off of government aid my whole life. I have attached a letter from my old property manager explaining why I had to leave to the homeless assistance worker and proof of me being a newly transfer student to UC Riverside. I was also accepted into Cal state San Bernardino, UC Davis, and UC Santa Barbara. I was not accepted into UCLA because I did not take Chemistry, which is a main requirement for my major. At first UC Santa Barbara rejected me because I did not fulfill the requirements for my major, but later asked me to appeal the decision under a different major. I have been through hell and beyond in the last two years and I am not stopping now. I’m honest and hard working and I just need some help. Thank you, Jessicah

Jessicah, all of us at OTS wish you and your children the very best in your new home.

This family brings our total placements this year to 129 and our grand total since we started OTS 3 years ago to 439.

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