Andrea and her 3 kids, 5/24/18

Today we congratulate Andrea and her 3 kids for ending the homeless crisis. When Andrea called us we built a budget with her and when she found a rental that she could afford, we were happy to pay the security deposit so they could move in. We will soon be providing this family with essential household goods and furniture so they can turn their rental into a real home! Read her story below:

Dear OTS,
You never know how at a drop of a dime your life can change.. My accident was March 2017 I was involved in a motorcycle accident where I was riding on the freeway and was hit by a truck. From that moment.. I was in the Hospital and from the hospital, a convalescent home .. I undergone multiple surgeries I was told I was never going to walk, run or close my hand again .. I started stuttering, I would forget what I was talking about.. I lost my job., I was unable to work.. due to the fact of me not being able to work, I wasn’t able to pay my bills, and from there everything spiraled down I lost my home. We’ve been staying from place to place friends house to friends house, my friends family houses, my mom’s apartment here and there.. It’s been very tough 9 months on my children. They lost everything as well.. I worked hard physically and mentally, to get my body good enough to work! so I’m able to get my life I lost back! I got a job and started working and I finally was approved for a apartment!! Which my kids and I are extremely excited about!! I just have one dilemma I don’t have the security deposit they are requesting and I need help with that entire amount! I need this apartment so my kids I can have a place to walk home to after school. While I’m at work. My kids have been so strong throughout all this! My kids didn’t deserve to lose anything at all but yet they did! They lost their home, furniture toys games.. and really haven’t complained about anything! I’m just trying to start fresh because I have a 2nd chance at life and just need to make it for my kids and show them it can be done! -Andrea

This family brings our placements this year up to 76 and our grand total since we started OTS just under 4 years ago up to 586. Read more about our mission of housing the homeless at OTSHB.COM

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