Shane, 8/12/14


Shane (on left) in his new apartment!

Today we placed Shane into a rented room, allowing us to make him our 9th person placed. Shane first contacted us in early July when we first started up Off The Streets – Huntington Beach, and his tenacity in finding a place that fits his budget finally paid off. Shane has been homeless since being laid off in February 2014 and has been living outside with other homeless acquaintances and staying in hotels when he could afford it.  Shane’s recurring disability income is more than adequate to pay his monthly rent and we are pleased to be able to help him with the security deposit to get over that initial hump.  Shane, Off The Streets wishes you the very best in your new home.

9/13/14 Update: We just received an update on Shane, who we placed just over a month ago. Shane’s landlord called to let us know how well Shane is doing and how much they love having him as a resident. Both the landlord and Shane thanked us for our help. We wish Shane continued success. (Shane is on the left.)

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